Music Technology at CYM

CYM has access to the excellent Music Technology Suite at Morley College. Classes are graded and focus on the following principles:

  • Gaining a good ability level in using Logic Pro X, a program used universally in music   production, and most importantly, developing the ability to facilitate their ideas within the workstation.
  • A basic knowledge of how a studio works, the signal flow of a recording set up (home or in a studio), and the language and etiquette of working with performers and achieving the best results from them.
  • Learning to work in groups, problem solving and distributing roles amongst each other.
  • Learning about the history of the recording industry, with focus on seminal recordings, microphones and their development through history, microphone placement techniques and ‘in the box’ DAW techniques.
  • Studying recorded music and the way in which a song or track is constructed, with the aim of training the student’s ears for critical listening.